A Customizable WordPress eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce is a very powerful and popular e-commerce tool and has its own resource guide and support area. We use WooCommerce for a variety of reasons but most of all for the flexibility it offers. You can sell products of your own or affiliate, sell tickets, manage inventory, offer coupons, sell memberships, track orders, record sales, manage users and so much more.

Getting Started WooCommerce Docs

Overview of All Areas
Managing Order
Coupon Management

Managing Orders (Payments)

WooCommerce is your online shopping cart. All website purchases give users the option to pay by credit card or cheque/cash. All credit card purchases are processed online via Beanstream (which is connected to your internal POS). All online orders with cheque/cash payments need to be manually processed in WooCommerce.

Learn how to manage orders with this WooCommerce tutorial.

Learn more about your Beanstream gateway and WooCommerce integration (good for troubleshooting/editing setup if required).


Learn how to use coupons with this WooCommerce tutorial.

Group Based Coupons

Learn how to use Group based coupons with this WooCommerce tutorial.

WooCommerce Group Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce, that allows to limit coupons by groups and roles. Create a single coupon, coupons that automatically apply, display coupons with a short code and more.

Ticket Payments

*Please read tutorial on tickets setup first. Tickets are managed on the post/page, that they appear on.

The order invoice for tickets that require payment will appear in your WooCommerce Orders area. Process this order as you would for any other online product. See tickets tutorial for details.

Custom Checkout Templates - Memberships & Conference

Membership and Conference product purchases lead to a unique checkout template. The checkout process includes registration instructions for each and lead users to a unique registration form.

Learn more about the Membership setup here.

Conference Registration Products

We have already created multiple products that can be used in the conference registration process. Use products with the id’s 794-803.

These products must never be deleted or replaced. Their unique product ID connects them to a custom page template after the user completes their payment. This custom template introduces and links to the registration form.

Both product ‘publish’ dates and ‘sale’ dates need to be rescheduled every year. You can also edit the contents of each product (image, text, price …) as needed.