How to use a FTP (with Filezilla)

*This will replace files directly on the live website. There is no undo button - these are permanent changes to the website. Do not load any new files - only replace image files that exist.

**Images must have the exact same dimensions and file name or else you risk causing damage to the website.

  1. Download and install an FTP client. We recommend Filezilla (download here).
  2. Enter the host (aka: server address), username, password and port in the ‘Quick Connect’ area. If you are trying to connect to an sftp then you need to add 'sftp://' at the start of the host name.
  3. Once connected, you will see files appear in the ‘Remote site’ box. These are the current image files on your website. You can right click to download a file to your computer (It will be saved in the destination you have set in the ‘local site’ box.
  4. On your computer, edit your images as needed or create new ones. Images must match the exact file name and dimensions of the original.
  5. Drag-n-drop your new image files into the ‘Remote site’ box area.
  6. A dialogue (pop-up) box will appear. Choose to ‘Overwrite’ and click ok.
  7. Your image file has now been replaced.