Art Rental

Managing Art Rental Items

Art Rental items have been built using a custom template within WooCommerce. WooCommerce enables us to utilise advanced inventory (archiving) tools to manage the art rental collection. It is setup like a normal e-commerce store however the ‘add to cart’ button has been removed. Instead we show a ‘How To Rent/ Buy’ button which leads to a page, to explains the Art Rental process.

Add/ Edit an Art Rental Item

*Individual Art Rental Items are managed as Products. Go to: Products > Add New. To edit existing items go to: Products > (lookup item: sort by category ‘Art Rental’, search by name or SKU #) > Click title to edit

Using the screen shots below, complete items 1-9 for every art rental product. Match numbers that appear on the public view (front) to see the related field on the product editor (back). *See required item descriptions after the images for clarification.

Front | Public View

Back | Product Editor

4. Product Categories

All art rental products must use the category ‘Art Rentals’. This will add it to the correct archive and give it the ‘How to Buy’ custom button.

5. Product Image

See Image Templates & Dimensions for details.

7. Inventory > SKU

Use this to enter the item code or reference number to match the gallery system. This will make management easier.

8. Attributes

Attributes are used to manage details for each art rental item. It is important to add these for every product. Follow the attribute order & topics from the taxonomie sitemap.

Art Rental Taxonomie Screenshot
How to Add Attributes

  1. Click Attributes tab
  2. See ‘Custom Product Attribute’ dropdown menu and select the attribute you would like to add.
  3. Enter the correct ‘Attribute’ into the Values box. Most come pre-loaded, click ‘select all’, to load your values box with saved attributes, then delete the ones that do not apply.
  4. Make sure ‘visible on the product page’ is selected.
  5. Keep adding until you have all the attribute categories.
  6. Click ‘Save Attributes’ button before closing this tab/ screen.