Managing Google Cal

The embedded calendars you can see on the website are from a ‘google calendar’ account. These google calendars are managed from the main NVCAC admin gmail account. You will need access to this gmail account to edit events that appears on each calendar.

Google Calendars

Login to the NVCAC admin gmail account to access these calendars.

  • Exhibitions (dark blue)
  • Events (light blue)
  • Education (green)
  • NS Art Crawl (red)

Style Guide

Try to be consistent when posting events onto any of the google calendars. Items to include for every event are:

  • Title
  • Dates
  • Where (location)
  • Description - try to keep these short! Use html in the description area to set a link to the related page on the website:
    <a href=" "> Link Title </a>

Embed A Google Cal

Calendars that appear on the website use a plugin called ‘simple calendar - pro’. To add an existing calendar to any page of the website you can use short codes.

  1. Go to: Calendars >
  2. Copy the desired calendar ‘Short Code’
  3. Paste the short code into a visual text editor: widget or post/page

*The home page calendar is hard-coded into the template. It combines all current google calendars into one.