Home Page

Settings Overview

The home page of your website is a custom coded template. It is not a ‘page’ or ‘post’. Here is an overview of the various areas and how to edit them.

Header Navigation

To edit the text navigation: Go to: Appearance > Menus > ‘select a menu to edit’ > Main Menu. Learn more about menus. To edit right side icons and links Go to: Appearance > Widgets > Header Right. Learn more about widgets.

Main Slider

Go to: Slick slider > add slides or edit current ones (each slide image, is a separate item)

  1. Click ‘add new’ or click to edit a current item in the list
  2. Do not add a title
  3. Use the main text editor to enter your slide caption text. Keep your line length short by using a soft return (Shift+Enter) and add desired url link to the text.
  4. Upload or select from media library your image. Use the ‘featured Image’ size 1170 x 360px.
  5. Do not add a ‘read more’ link. (Link should be entered in the text body as a text hyperlink).
  6. Slide order is based on publish date (newest = first)

*These instructions are based on the desired design style at launch. This may change over time but be sure to follow NVCAC guidelines.

Rainbow Post Grid

This 2 row grid is a collection of posts. You can not edit this area. Members & Art Rental pull random posts on every page refresh. Exhibition, Education, Artists Call & Event will always pull the most recent post from those categories.

Welcome To The Community

This area you can edit. The background image needs to be uploaded to the global images folder via ftp (see instructions here).

Edit Text Block: Go To: Pages > Home > Click to Edit

Edit the text just like any other page. Use shortcodes to create buttons.

Twitter Instagram Facebook

These are hardcoded into the template and pull the most recent from your network.

Calendar Of Events

This is a calendar feed that collects all your individual google cal’s. To edit an event you need to make changes to the google calendar entry. We do not recommend you change the display of the home page calendar. Learn more about managing Calendars.

3 Column Footer

(Image row & text row) This section is controlled in the backend under the Widgets area. Go To: Appearance > Widgets > Footer 1-3. Learn to edit Widgets.

Social Media Icons

This section is controlled by a Widget called Footer 4. It uses a plugin called simple social icons. Do not edit the appearance settings unless instructed. Set the full url for your desired social media profiles in the fields listed below.

Bottom Text

Right menu Go to: Appearance > Menus > ‘select a menu to edit’ > Footer Menu

Left text (side credits) is hard coded into the template.