Pantone 1-1U
CMYK 2 1 6 0
RGB 249 248 237 | #f9f8ed

Soft Pink

Pantone 691
CMYK 0 14 5 1
RGB 247 255 223 | #f7e1df

Sunny Yellow

Pantone 7402
CMYK 0 6 38 0
RGB 247 255 169 | #f7e1a9

Rose Gold

Image File | Gradient
Dark #dab5ad
Light #f9f8ed

Primary Font

Name: Marcellus
Font Files & Liscence Available Here

Secondary Font

Name: Lato
Font Files & Liscence Available Here



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Design File Examples

Colour Values & File Types

Colours are projected differently on screen vs. on paper. Please use the colour code chart to ensure colour consistency across all marketing materials. Pantone colours are the primary colour reproduction choice. When printing specifications or budget call for a different colour reproduction process use this chart.


Professional printing, Letterpress & silk screen


Professional printing


Office printer, digital screen


Website (digital screen)

.EPS Files

Large scale printing | Graphic design | Letterpress/ Screen printing

An eps file is a vector graphic. This means it can be scaled, reduced & enlarged, to any size without quality loss. The eps file provided is in a CMYK colour format, making it suitable for professional print output. These files can only be used by professional Adobe Creative software or other design specific services.

.JPG & .PNG Files

Website | Power Point | Office printing

The jpg or png file is a raster graphic. This means it can be reduced in size but never enlarged. If enlarged it will lose quality and appear fuzzy or pixilated. The jpg/png file provided is in a RGB colour format making it suitable for office printing and on screen devices. **Png is made with a transparent background.


Follow guidelines as shown above. Files are only for use with permission from owner; any other use will be considered copyright infringement.